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May Long Weekend Farmers’ Market

Poster May21 facebookEvery Saturday morning, Pender Islands' best producers, craftspeople, and artists set up their booths at the Pender Island Community Hall in anticipation of a beautiful day at the Farmers' Market Locals and visitors can find a variety of wares including fresh produce, homemade baked goods, artisnal breads, smoked cheese, chutneys, jams, pies, and locally raised meats and eggs. Besides the variety of product for the Island hopping foodie or your weekly grocery shopping trip, many of our vendors demonstrate their skills and creativity through the unique creations they bring to the market each week. All products are made, baked, or grown on the Pender Islands and include custom handmade leather shoes and goods, all styles of jewelry, functional and decorative wood products such as rolling pins and birdhouses, as well fabric, felted, and woven pillows, scarves, and bags. Handmade fishing lures catch the best fish! Gorgeous art and blooming flower and vegetable plants liven up the front of the Community Hall. Sit out on the deck and enjoy a cup of coffee while buskers provide the tunes. Fresh, local food, where customers can meet and chat with the producers is a healthy and nutritious way for food to reach the customer without travelling across the world at the detriment of the environment. Sustainable food of a better quality that supports the people in your own backyard is what the Pender Islands' Farmers' Market is all about. And we have a good time doing it, too! Join us! Saturday May 21st at the Pender Island Community Hall on Bedwell Harbour Road from 9:30 am to 1 pm