Section A – Floral

SECTION A - FLORAL Co-Conveners: Carole Elliott, 629-3796 Diane Riedel, 629-3874 CLASS - CUT FLOWER DIVISION A variety of Cut Flowers – submit 2 stems, same variety, same colour in each category, unless stated otherwise.
  1. Alstroemeria
  2. Anemone
  3. Aster, A.V.
  4. Calendula (Pot Marigold)
  5. Chrysanthemum, A.V.
  6. Cosmos
  7. Crocosmia - must have leaves attached
  8. Echinacea, A.V.
  9. Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)
  10. Gladiolus
  11. Helianthus (Sunflower)
  12. Lathyrus odoratus (Sweet Pea)
  13. Nasturtium
  14. Osteospermum, A.V.
  15. Penstemon
  16. Rudbeckia
  17. Tagetes erecta (African Marigold)
  18. Tagetes patula (French Marigold)
  19. Zinnia, large-flowered
  20. Zinnia, small - e.g. single, dwarf
  21. O.V., single stem
  22. O.V. single bloom, in moss, in a low bowl with a small amount of water: e.g. rose begonia, water lily
  23. Fresh Cut Flower Arrangement with Greens
All fresh material; all stems, including greens, must be freshly cut and arranged in Oasis or frog in exhibitor’s own flat container.
  1. Freshly Cut Bouquet of Flowers with Greens
All fresh material; all stems, including greens, must  be freshly cut and displayed in a vase of exhibitor’s choice. Miscellaneous Cut Flowers and Foliage
  1. Canna - best single flower, 1 or 2 leaves attached
  2. Lily - A.O.V., single stem
  3. Euphorbia, foliage only - A.V., 1 cut
  4. Flowering vine: e.g. Clematis, potato vine, etc., 1 cut
  5. Flowering shrub - branch, stem, truss e.g., 1 cut Fuchsia, Hebe, etc.
  6. Hydrangea - fresh, 1 cut
  7. Hydrangea - mop head, 1 cut
  8. Hydrangea - A.O.V, fresh, 1 cut
  9. Sedum - A.V., 1 cut
  10. Foliage, woody, e.g. smokebush, dogwood, Euonymus, etc., 1 cut
  11. Foliage, non-woody, e.g. Hosta, rhubarb, artichoke, Phormium, 2 cuts
  12. Grasses, foliage only - A.V., 5 cuts
  13. Grasses, foliage with seed head - A.V., 5 cuts
DAHLIA DIVISION No attached leaves required.  No buds allowed. Where 2 blooms are called for, they must be of same variety. Decorative type
  1. Large (8” or over) - any colour, 1 bloom
  2. Medium (6-8”) - any colour, 1 bloom
  3. Small (4-6”) - any colour, 2 blooms
  4. Miniature (under 4”) - any colour, 2 blooms
Cactus type
  1. Large (8” or over) - any colour, 1 bloom
  2. Medium (6-8”) - any colour, 1 bloom
  3. Small (4-6”) - any colour, 2 blooms
  4. Miniature (under 4”) - any colour, 2 blooms
Miscellaneous types - any colour or size, 1 bloom
  1. Waterlily
  2. Ball
  3. Pompon
  4. Collerette
  5. Laciniated (fimbriated)
  6. A.O.V.
  7. Bouquet of Dahlias – mixed, or 1 variety only, greens and/or unobtrusive fill material (e.g. Baby’s Breath) optional, displayed in a vase of exhibitor’s choice
ROSE DIVISION Specimen Blooms - without side buds, ½ to ¾ open, any colour, 1 stem, 1 bloom, attached foliage required
  1. 1 Hybrid Tea
  2. 1 Specimen bloom, A.O.V.
Sprays – at least two blooms, 1 stem, any colour, attached foliage required
  1. Floribunda or Polyantha – 1 spray
  2. Grandiflora – 1 spray
  3. Miniature – 1 spray
  4. . A.O.V. – 1 spray
Miscellaneous Roses
  1. Cycle of Bloom – 3 stems, 1 variety, in 1 container;
1 stem in bud, coloured petals beginning to unfurl; 1 stem in bloom, ½ to ¾ open; 1 stem in full bloom (stamens may show)
  1. Bouquet of Roses – mixed, or single variety only, greens optional, displayed in a vase of exhibitor’s choice
FLORAL ARRANGEMENT AND DESIGN DIVISION To be exhibited in designer’s own container
  1. ‘Go Green’ - an all green arrangement
  2. ‘Thumbellina’- a miniature design with small     flowers and plant material. No dimension to exceed        6” – watch the diagonal!
  3. ‘Tea Time’ - an arrangement in a cup and saucer.            Use edible flowers and plant material.
  4. Deleted
POTTED PLANT DIVISION Indoor or Greenhouse
  1. Flowering Plant, A.V.
  2. Foliage Plant, A.V.
Patio Plants in suitable containers
  1. Begonia, pendulous
  2. Begonia, tuberous
  3. Begonia, variegated leaf, A.V.
  4. Fuchsia, upright
  5. Fuchsia, pendulous
  6. Pelargonium (Geranium), Ivy-leafed
  7. Pelargonium, upright
  8. Pelargonium, miniature
  9. Pelargonium, scented
  10. Hanging Basket or Pot - e.g. Martha Washington
Pelargonium, Petunia, etc. - 1 variety
  1. Mix in a Hanging Basket
  2. Mix or one variety in a patio container
DISPLAY ONLY This floral division is not judged.  Exhibits are admired for their quality and uniqueness and acknowledged for participation.   Judging Standards See the BCAAFE Judging Standards Manual in the Reference Section of the Pender Island Library or on line at or (see rules below) The Eleanor Adamson Memorial Trophy Donated by Norm and Sonja Goodfellow :  For most points in Floral, classes 1 to 63.   The N. N. Grimmer Trophy - For most points in Floral Winner must have a minimum of 6 points in Classes 1-63 and a minimum of 4 points in Classes 65 - 78 to qualify.   SECTION A - FLORAL RULES Some basic judging standards, rules and definitions specific to this section:
  • Floral entries are judged against perfection as indicated in the BCAAFE Judging Standards Manual (in the Reference Section of the Pender Island Library or on line: or - not against other entries.
  • Floral entries must be staged and entry cards completed by 6 pm Friday evening.
  • With the exception of items listed as greenhouse or indoor, all flowers must have been grown outside and by the exhibitor on Pender Island.
  • Vases, bowls, containers, baskets etc., are not judged; however, the flowers are judged in relationship and appropriateness to their particular container.
  • Pick, condition and enter your best stems or blooms in the quantities as indicated, and stage them in the bikini vases (provided), proportionately sized for your entry. For entries too small for the bikinis, please stage them in a clear glass container of your own choosing.
  • Wherever the Schedule calls for a certain number of blooms or stems, please exhibit exactly that number. (g) Please name your flowers and plants and, if you can, the specific variety you are exhibiting, as this informs and educates the public.
(h) No person is allowed to make more than one entry in the same class.


Vase - a receptacle, the height of which is greater than the diameter. Bowl - a receptacle, the diameter of which is greater than the height. Own Foliage - that of said flower. A.V. - any variety. A.O.V. - any other variety. N.A.S. - not according to standard. Arrangement - consists of all fresh cut plant material in a container holding floral foam or a frog. No accessories, unless stated. Bouquet - fresh plant material, displayed in a vase or bowl holding water. Design - either fresh or dried plant material, in a container holding floral foam or a frog. Accessories allowed.