Section K Livestock

SECTION K LIVESTOCK Co-Conveners: Jodi Schamberger, 629-6968      Aaron Campbell  250-486-1140.
Livestock Showcase
In order to maintain the fun and excitement of the traditional “Show Ring” and at the same time present an educational and entertaining program, we encourage more Pender Island farms and young people to show and demonstrate their best animals in the following categories: Cattle ...Beef Cow or Beef Calf (up to 8 mos.), ...........Dairy Cow or Dairy Calf (up to 8 mos.) Donkey Jack, Jenny, or Foal (under 12 mos.) Sheep..Ewe Lamb, Yearling Ewe, Aged Ewe, .............Ram Lamb, Breeding Ram Goat .... Milking Goat, Goat Kid Pig ....Sow, Piglet (under 8 Months) Llama, Alpaca, Horse,Pony, Ostrich, Turkey (see poultry section as well), Peacock A.O.V. Mother and Babies (with written story)
  • Each animal needs to be groomed, prepared for show and exhibited by its owner.
  • It is appreciated if the owners prepare an educational exhibit about each animal with information concerning breed, age, gender, conformation traits, intended use, diet and management factors. It will be posted on the pens.
  • The Pender Island Farmers’ Institute offers a prize of up to $20.00 to each young person entering their best examples of animals and corresponding educational information. Prizes will be for best kept, decorated and educational livestock pen, and judging will also include general condition and cleanliness of livestock and knowledge of the young person about their animal. To be eligible exhibitors must be 15 years of age and under on the day of the fair.  Young people may request a mentor from the Farmers’ Institute to help advise them on the care and preparation of their animals.
  • Please pre-register your animals by August 10 to ensure space.
  • Please bring your animals to the fair grounds between 7:30 am and 9 am on the day of the fair. If you need assistance bringing your animals to the fair please call Jody or Aaron.  The animals will be given a health check by Pender Island veterinarians, Maureen Stone and Gordon Oudman.

Judging Standards

The Livestock showcase is a display and demonstration of livestock.  Exhibitors should present healthy, clean livestock. 4-H Judging Manuals are available for loan (and linked here) by the Farmers’ Institute and online resources are linked on for exhibitors who want to learn how to select livestock for show.