Section L Young Peoples Agriculture


YOUNG PEOPLES AGRICULTURE Convener:      Julie Johnston, 629-3811 We encourage the youth of Pender Island to participate and have fun in agriculture.  There are many agricultural adventures to discover!
  1. Berries, 12 A.V.
  2. Black Berries, 12 A.V.
  3. Bush Beans, 6
  4. Beets, 3
  5. Carrots, 3
  6. Potatoes, 3 A.V.
  7. Tomatoes, 3 A.V.
  8. Tomatoes, Cherry, 6 A.V.
  9. Zucchini, 1
  10. Longest Zucchini, 1
  11. Heaviest Zucchini, 1
  12. Vegetable Collection, 3 varieties in ½ the quantities listed in Section C.
  13. Fruit Collection, 3 varieties in ½ the quantities listed in Section B.
  14. Fresh Flower Arrangement
  15. Nasturtium, 1 plant in a pot
  16. O.V.
  17. Pumpkins, biggest and most unusual
  1. If I grew the food our family needs I would… Think about what you could grow to feed your family. Give drawings, or photos and descriptions of what you would need. Include the animals you would have and crops you would grow. Display on a poster board. Do research on agriculture, find out what grows on Pender Island, and go to the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays at the Hall for Ideas. Your imagination is the limit to what this would look like. Please ensure that entries are ready for hanging on display boards.
  2. Agricultural Report
Do you know a farmer? Interview a farmer on Pender Island, visit their farm and write a small report (a short paragraph of six sentences and three photos displayed on a poster board) on what you learned and what they grow or raise on their farm. Have fun!
20.  Herb Growing and Processing
Herbs can be used medicinally, and to flavour foods, make teas and perfumes, and even to make potpourris. Tell and show what you know about herbs:
  • where the herbs were obtained (home-grown or collected from the wild)
  • how they can be processed
  • samples of the products derived from the herb This can be about one herb or many, and can be shown by a display of pictures, samples of herbs, or various herbal concoctions. Be creative! Prizes in Classes 18 - 20
1st - $15.00             2nd – 10.00               3rd - $5.00
21a. Garden Challenge for Children (up to 10   years old
We invite the children of Pender Island to grow a garden, any type – without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides – with a minimum of 4 crops (floral, vegetable and/or herbal).  Then create and enter a photo display of your garden with samples and descriptions of your 4 crops and how you grew them.
21b. Garden Challenge for Young People  (11 to 15 years old)
We invite the young people of Pender Island to grow a garden, any type – without the use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides – with a minimum of 6 crops.  Your garden will need to be visited and evaluated sometime in August prior to the Fall Fair.  To ensure that your garden is judged, make sure you contact the Convener at 629-3811 and pre-register by July 13.  Then create and enter a photo display of your garden with a sample of your 6 crops and how you grew them.
Prizes in Class 21a and 21b
1st - $20.00 2nd - $15.00   3rd - $10.00 Mentoring Program:  If you would like a volunteer Master Gardener to visit your garden for consultation and to act as a mentor giving advice on cultivation, irrigation, mulching, soil enhancement, saving water, and organic weed control, contact the Convener Julie Johnston at 629-3811.
Judging Standards
Garden Division
This Division will be judged with reference to the criteria used for the adult categories keeping in mind the age, experience level, and general capabilities of the exhibitor. We focus on the plant’s health and vigour and evidence of due care in planting and watering.
Educational Division
Educational projects need to show evidence of research with an interesting, clean and clear presentation that reflects the knowledge the student has gained through the experience.  The Garden Challenge will be judged by a Master Gardener. Westcoast Chandlers Trophy Donated by Westcoast Chandlers For most points in Garden Division     Gregarious Garden Trophy      Donated by Gregory and Julia Nicholls For most points in the Education Division   Farmers’ Institute Trophy Donated by the Farmers’ Institute For most points overall in Young People’s Agriculture Section K,L,M