Section M Poultry and other Small Caged Animals


POULTRY AND OTHER SMALL CAGED ANIMALS Co-Conveners: Kenta and Arthur Kikuchi, 629-6283
  • All Exhibits in this Section must be on the fairgrounds between 3 pm 6 pm on Friday, August 26. Poultry should be in good health – no lice or scale mites. Poultry will be given a health check by Pender Island veterinarians, Maureen Stone and Gordon Oudman.
  1. Hen, Purebred egg type
  2. Rooster, Purebred egg type
  3. Hen, Purebred meat type
  4. Rooster, Purebred meat type
  5. Hen, standard egg type
  6. Rooster, standard egg type
  7. Hen, standard meat type
  8. Rooster, standard meat type
  9. Hen, Dual purpose
  10. Rooster, Dual purpose
  11. Hen, Bantam
  12. Rooster, Bantam
  13. Goose
  14. Gander
  15. Turkey hen
  16. Turkey male
  17. Duck
  18. Drake
  19. O.V.
  1. Hen, egg type
  2. Rooster, egg type
  3. Hen, meat type
  4. Rooster, meat type
  5. Hen, dual purpose
  6. Rooster, dual purpose
  7. Hen, Bantam
  8. Rooster, Bantam
  9. Goose
  10. Gander
  11. Turkey hen
  12. Turkey male
  13. Duck
  14. Drake
  15. A.O.V.
Prizes in Classes 1 - 34
1st - $5.00  2nd -  $3.00   3rd -  $2.00  
Class 35.  Mothers and Babies, of any variety, in best condition- to be displayed in the exhibitor’s Cage. This exhibit is to be accompanied by a half page story about the exhibit. The display will be evaluated on overall presentation and condition.
Prizes in Class 35 1st - $25.00      2nd - $20.00  3rd - $10.00
Heritage Breeds Bring your heritage poultry breed to showcase.  Please register early so we can plan for space as well as help provide educational and historical information. Other Small Caged Animals Bring your pet, small caged animal like a Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or any other small furry animal and you will have an opportunity to show and talk about it. (How long have you had it, where does it live, what does it eat, how do you take care of it, does it have any funny habits, have you taught it any tricks?)
Judging Standards
See the 4H Livestock Judging Guide at the Farmers Institute table at the Farmers Market on Saturdays at the Hall, or in the Pender Island Public Library for specific recommended standards. Also check at for info. In judging a chicken class, the birds are judged on: Purebred birds:
  1. Breed type – shape of bird’s body as to the ideal breed type for breed being judged.
  2. Variety of characteristics – comparison of colour of shanks, colour of plumage, colour of ear lobes and health of comb.
  3. Condition and vigour of bird.
  4. Freedom from breed and general disqualifications
For commercial (or purebred) laying birds, characteristics typical of good layers are looked for by the judge, along with general good health and confirmation For commercial (or purebred) meat birds, characteristics of good meat birds (confirmation, muscling, size, age, fat cover) are looked for along with general good health Frank York Memorial Trophy Donated by Will and Julie McGaghey For most points in Poultry Division, Classes 1-19   Pender Island Realty Limited Trophy For most points in Poultry Sections – Young People Combined points from Poultry Section M, Young People’s Division, Classes 20-34 and Dairy and Poultry Products Section E, Young People’s Division, Classes 17 – 28

Resources: How to select chickens for show