Section N Young People


Convener:      Karen Parker, 629-6936 Exhibitors in Section N must be must be 11 to 15 years of age on the day of the Fair.  All artwork in this section must be mounted on a cardboard sheet and, due to space restrictions, must not exceed the dimensions 16” x 20” or 320 sq. in.  Please present models on a flat surface or box to prevent breakage.  Only one entry per class. Note:  Food Preservation Division has moved to Section F and Baking Division has moved to Section G
  1. Artistic fresh flower arrangement, garden and/or wild varieties
  2. Dish garden
  1. Sewing or embroidery, handmade
  2. Sewing or embroidery, machine made
  3. Knitted or crocheted article
  4. Hand felted work
  5. Weaving
  1. Pottery
  2. Mobile using driftwood, seashells and/or other natural material
  3. Woodwork
  4. Artistic arrangement of dried local material (i.e. plant, wood, seaweed)
  5. Jewellery, one piece
  6. Pressed flower card or picture
  7. Vegetable print design
  8. Hand-crafted art card
  9. Scrapbook - special event, double page layout, any size, 17. Candle
  10. Macramé
  11. Model from kit - plastic or metal construction
(e.g. Lego or Meccano)
  1. Model from kit - plastic or metal, hand painted
(e.g. game pieces)
  1. Metal craft
  2. Lego construction, original design, maximum base 30cm x 30cm
  1. Handicraft, A.O.V.
  2. Handicraft, Diorama
  BC Fairs Members Choice Category #1 Arts and Crafts:   Open to all ages. Item: Hand Painted Garden Trowel, max length 14” Theme: BC Dogwood Flower Purchase a garden trowel, using any paint type decorate the metal surface of the trowel with the BC Dogwood flower.  
To be eligible for entry, all, paintings, drawings and photographs which require hanging must be properly mounted and/or framed and equipped to hang safely on peg board hooks, Please make sure name is covered.
  1. Hand illustration of a wild flower or bird found on Pender Islands, with short comment
  2. Drawing, any medium
  3. Realistic painting, any medium
  4. Abstract painting, any medium
  5. Colour photograph, any subject
  6. Animal photograph, domestic or wild, black & white or colour, with short comment describing the significance of the subject.
  7. Art, A.O.V.
  8. Collage artwork, any medium
  1. Short story (1-2 pages)
  2. Poem, minimum of 8 lines
The Royal Canadian Legion Trophy Donated by Pender Island Branch 239 For most points in Section N BC Fairs Members Choice Category #2

Arts and Crafts:  Open to children 12 years and under

  Item: Mini Scarecrow, max height 14” Recycle household materials to create a mini scarecrow to stake or hang in your garden.  Wire and string can be used to construct it.