Section P Pre-School and Kindergarten



Convener: Mary Reher, 629-6431 Exhibitors in Section P, Pre-School & Kindergarten must be under 6 years of age on the day of the Fair.  All artwork in this section must be mounted on a cardboard sheet and, due to space restrictions, try not to exceed the dimensions 16”x 20” or 320 sq. in.  Only one entry per class.
  1. Drawing, pencil, pen, felts, crayon etc.
  2. Collage
  3. Painting, acrylic, finger, water colours, oils
  4.  Models - Lego kits. Please present models on a flat surface or box to prevent breakage.
  5. Paper-maché/sculpture
  6. Play Dough sculpture
  7. Rock garden, decorative arrangement of plant material in a low container, using mosses, rocks, plants, wood, etc.
  8. Article made from seeds, shells or other natural materials
  9. Fresh flower arrangement
  10. Cookies, 6
  11. A.O.V.
  12. BC Fairs Members Choice Category #1
Arts and Crafts:   Open to all ages. Item: Hand Painted Garden Trowel, max length 14” Theme: BC Dogwood Flower Purchase a garden trowel, using any paint type decorate the metal surface of the trowel with the BC Dogwood flower. 13.BC Fairs Members Choice Category #2
Arts and Crafts:   Open to all ages 12 and under.
  Item: Mini Scarecrow, max height 14” Recycle household materials to create a mini scarecrow to stake or hang in your garden.  Wire and string can be used to construct your project.