Section Q Special Categories

SECTION Q SPECIAL CATEGORIES – 2017 Fair Theme “In Simpler Times” Showcase

Convener:  Class 1 - 4, Barb Johnstone Grimmer 629-3819


An artistic display celebrating the bounty of the Penders, containing at least one element from at least 5 of the following 9 sections: Floral, fruit, vegetables, wine and beer, dairy and poultry, food preservation, baking, needlecraft and fibre art, applied arts and crafts.  Product of one household, may involve more than one person. May exceed number of elements, only top 5 will be judged for points.  No requirement to satisfy the numbers required in the classes.  Because of space constraints, display must not exceed 30" x 30."

Judging Standards

  • Artistic Display .................. 50%
  • Individual Elements – using quality judging standards for the top 5 elements…....... 50%
Fred Smith Trophy - Donated by Fred Smith, Welcome Bay Farm


A presentation of food gathered and/or created from your garden and ready to be prepared as a Dinner for Two.  You need to include at least one item from 3 of the four Sections A,B,C and F (Floral, Fruit, Vegetables and Food Preservation) as well as a menu and/or recipe. The presentation must be from one household and include only products organically grown in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.  Due to space constraints, the presentation must not exceed 30”x 30.”

Judging Standards

The criteria for judging “From the Garden to the Table” are:
  • 50% quality of produce
The quality of produce will be judged referring to the following criteria:  selection, variety, the plants’ health and vigour, freshness, colour, imaginative combinations, and general appeal.  Products must be organically grown.
  • 30%  menu with list of ingredients and/or recipe
  • 20% artistic merit
Tekla Deverell  Tree of Life Trophy, in honour of Tekla Deverell and donated by the Deverell Family  


Young and old are encouraged to show what they regard as the tastiest varieties of produce listed below.  Please wash for tasting and indicate variety.
  1. Strawberries, 6
  2. Blueberries, 6
  3. Plums, 3
  4. Pears, 1
  5. Green Peas, 3 pods
  6. Carrot, 1
  7. Tomato, 1
  8. Melon or cantaloupe, 1

Judging Standards

This Division will be judged according to taste rather than appearance.  Taste refers to flavour: deliciousness, succulence, scent, juiciness, freshness, and maturity.


Put on your best 1920's/1930's outfit, whether Sunday best or farm wear.  Let's make the Fall Fair grounds look like a throwback to simpler times.  All ages may enter this category.  Ribbons for first place in each age group; adults (16 and over) and young people.  


Conveners:  Brent Marsden and Owen Goertz Made from any type of berries grown on the Pender Islands, in season. Judging will be done with audience participation.  Trophy only to be awarded in this class.   Pender Island Fall Fair Berry Pie Trophy Donated by Gail Peterson for best berry pie


Convenor:  Wendy MacDonald Scarecrows must be built from recycled articles, be life-size and have some means of support. People’s Choice Award - Everyone is encouraged to vote for their favourite scarecrow. Ballots and a ballot box will be located outside the Hall in front of the scarecrows. (Generally judged on use of theme –In Simpler Times- creativity and public appeal)

7.    'NU-TO-YU'

Convener:  Janet Menzies 250-629-6253 All entries to be made, transformed and/or rejuvenated from items from the Nu-To-Yu Store.  Adult and young people (15 years and under)


Convener:  Nia Williams  629-2030 Every year the Fall Fair commences with a parade.  Why not join in the fun, either as an individual entry or by getting together with a group of friends, to decorate a float?     There is no entry fee but there are trophies!  Special attention to the theme "In Simpler Times" please.   ** Best Children’s Bicycle in the Parade donated by Pender Island Cable TV and Internet   ** Best Float in the Parade donated by Gulf Excavating Ltd.   **Best Individual Parade Entry donated by Earl Hastings