October 2016 – Pender Post – Fall Fair

Pender Island Fall Fair Report The Fall Fair held on August 27th at the Community Hall was a great success this year, and a complete list of Fall Fair Trophy winners is in this issue.  A complete Fall Fair report will be in the November Pender Post. There was excellent support by local businesses through sponsorships, and this made all the difference in making the Fair more economically sustainable.  The September Pender Post had a list of businesses and organizations who contributed to the Fair, and we would like to add Talisman Books as a Blue Ribbon Sponsor, Island Legacy Builders as a Red Ribbon Sponsor, and Southridge Farms Country Store and Driftwood Auto and Marine General Store as Yellow Ribbon Sponsors.  We would also like to recognize the Canada Summer Student Grant program which made it possible for us to hire a summer student, Natasha Bhola, part-time for administrative duties.  The other aspect of this year’s fair which helped make it more economically sustainable was the generosity of fairgoers donating at the gate, and for those who donated time, talents and resources, from the entertainment, to the printing of brochures and posters.  Special thanks to Carol Davis for taking on the raffle at the last minute, Patti and Bill Badcock for help with community groups and printing services, Murray Vasilev for washing dishes, Aaron Grimmer and Craig Miller for their help with the BBQ, Paul Petrie who not only won the Jaime Scott Corbett Memorial Cup for top points, along with Ashton Ross-Smith Trophy and Mackinnon Trophy, but he also took time to help set up and came back to help with a couple of extra hours volunteer time to hang signs because we were short-handed.  The entertainers were a reflection of our community, and many many thanks go to the Pender Highlanders, Denny Goertz and Pender Young Violins, guitarist Bill Heintz, local favourites Pages From The Oak Tree, and local DJ Marc Lesperance.  Thank you to Valentina Atton who was a big hit with her face painting, the Boland Family with their Bouncy Castle and everyone loved the parade (Thank you Nia Williams).  A special feature on wool was a great success, thanks to Jodi Schamberger, Martha McMahon, Diana Kempe who spun wool as Pieter DeMooy sheared the sheep, Aaron Campbell, Pender Island Spinners and Weavers.  Special thank you to Theresa Carle-Sanders for a wonderful take-down breakfast, and to the Vanilla Leaf Bakery who helped support the BBQ.  There are others – Al Blake and Doug Keating who helped Gary Goodman with parking, many people who showed up to help with set up and take down, who greeted fairgoers at the gates, who made sure the raffle winners got their prizes, and more.  Mark your calendar for next year – August 26th, 2017. For more information or to keep in the loop: www.pifi.ca