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District A meeting January 29th – Report on AGM

District A Farmers' Institute includes the Farmers' Institutes on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast. The AGM of District A was January 29th at Nanoose Place, Nanoose, BC.  That agenda is here District A Agenda 2017 and the minutes of the 2016 AGM are here District A 2016 AGM Minutes .  The minutes and treasurers report of the 2017 District A meeting are here Minutes_of_the_January_29_2017_AGM Meeting Highlights: 29 members and guests attended.  Guests included Jan Slomp, National Farmers Union; Sean Dory, Young Agrarians; James Street, Food Processing Consultant with the BC Ministry of Agriculture. Institutes presented their reports and upcoming events and activities. District A has a representative on the Coastal Invasive Species Committee.  Copies of Field Guide to Noxious Weeds and Other Selected Invasive Plants of BC were distributed. There is a new Mid-Island Farmers' Institute.  They have 70 members. District A will have a booth at the Islands Agriculture Show on Feb3/4, and will be presenting in the Community Agriculture section. In June of 2016 there was an advisory board meeting with the Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister, with Superintendant of Farmers' Institutes and person in charge of Meat Processing.  Six items were discussed, and meat regulation issues, wildlife issues, invasive species and year-round Farmers' markets were highlighted for discussion.  The Farmers' Institutes are to identify items that they would like discussed at the upcoming meeting in June 2017. Dues were discussed.  They are currently set at $5.00 per member, to a maximum of $200, as institutes can afford. There was discussion about strengthening ties between farmers institutes around the province, especially now that FARM Community Council is being disbanded so there will be no representation to BC Agriculture Council. District A is considering a Website, Brochure, Card, Facebook presence - generic materials which individual institutes can add their information to ie staple a card, put a sticker on. Elections President Janet Thony Vice President Blaine Hardy Treasurer Kathy Millar Secretary Marion  Woloschuk For more information contact Barbara Johnstone Grimmer

2017 Farmers Institute Year – January report

The 2017 year is shaping up, and already we have the Seedy Saturday date and agenda set for March 18 (click on the Seedy Saturday tab on our main page for details) at the Hall. We are down to 3 very busy board members, so we are looking for people interested in being on the board of directors.  No experience required, just positive enthusiasm and the desire to support the local food producers on the Pender Islands. The Fall Fair seems far off (August 26th) but it really sneaks up on us.  We really need help to pull it off this year, from community groups to individuals.  The theme is tentatively set at "In Simpler Times", harkening back to the first Pender Island Fall Fair in 1932, 85 years ago.  This was a time before Islands Trust, BC Ferries, before electricity, before Magic Lake.  What would that be like?  Come out and see, or better yet, help us create it!  It is quite possible that the fair will be cancelled this year if there aren't enough volunteers for the organizing committee.  If you are interested, please let us know. The Farmers Market will most likely have a shorter season this year, from May long weekend to Thanksgiving, with an extended winter market to fill in the shoulder season. Originally the market began on the May long weekend, but was pushed up to Easter years ago when it moved to the Hall, and the earlier starting date has stuck.  However, the uneven weather in early spring and into the fall, and the abrupt decline in customers at that time of year, has us considering working with the Hall on extending the winter market so vendors have good access to indoors. The Neptune Navy Grimmer - Ashton Ross-Smith Bursary is open to applications.  Current students at GISS may apply through the school, or send their applications to Box 38, Pender Island, V0N 2M0.  Details are on the website and on the GISS online scholarship database (search on the name of the bursary).  Deadline is April 3. The School Planting Day is in the early planning stages, and will also include mentoring support for students who are interested in gardening or keeping livestock (with their parent's permission of course!). The fiscal year end was December 31, 2016, and the AGM is being planned for March.
Barbara Johnstone Grimmer