Thank You Pender Island!! 2017 FALL FAIR – “IN SIMPLER TIMES” – August 26th

Thank You Pender Island!!

A warm heartfelt Thank You! to all in our wonderful Pender community and our visitors who helped to make the 2017 Fall Fair such a big success.
A lot of work goes into this one day event, and some people have worked all year to iron out all of the kinks that we could by Saturday.
The Farmers' Institute (PIFI) appreciate the support of the Hall (also known as PIRAHA or Pender Island Recreational and Agricultural Hall Association), especially Murray Vasilev who made sure the Hall provided the perfect venue for the event. Richard Piskor is the Farmers Institute Vice President and Treasurer, and as a new board member for PIRAHA he was the perfect linkage between the two organizations. Matthew Vasilev as a new young board member of PIFI, worked with Jan Kirkby on bringing Twin Island cider to the beer garden, which of course led to Hoyne Craft Beer (supported by Richard Piskor wearing his Hope Bay Hop Farm hat) which opened the door to bring Sea Star wines to the Beer Garden.
Thank you to Don and Linda Wein for providing free parking for the day in their field next to the Hall. This helped to encourage people to park off the road and made parking safer. Thanks also to the parking crew, led by Gary Goodman and Doug Keating. I hear that the new parking uniform for Pender is a vest and a kilt, according to Paul Hamson.
The flowers and decorations on the grounds were both exquisite and fun. Many thanks to Elizabeth Scalice who kept it a secret until early Saturday morning. What a treat!! The flowers came from all over the island - thanks everyone!
Donna Kilbey and Wendy MacDonald brought experience of past fairs to our fall fair meetings, which helped a great deal. They came to help with set up, registration, the Information Booth all day, and they dressed up in beautiful vintage outfits as well. "We love our job", they would say, and I would say, we love you.
Long time flower conveners Carole Elliott and Diane Riedel also attended many fall fair meetings, contributing their experience of past fairs and providing hours of volunteer labour.
Rod Knox, a professional cartographer who has been mapping the Farmers' Market all season, made us maps of the grounds and hall to help with our grounds layout.
Thank you to Pearl Nowak and Ina Timmer who helped Richard with counting and sorting all the money that came in from the gate, raffle and ticket sales.
The Parade started the Fair with a bang, thanks to Nia Williams. Nia seemed to pop up in other areas of the fair, always helping.
The Food for the Fair was coordinated with the help of Sanae Kikuchi and Murray Vasilev, and provided by the Legion, the Pender Island Pirates, Pender Island PAC, the Epicentre, as well as farmers market people Erin Pauch, Sanae and Yoko Kikuchi.
The annual Fall Fair barbecue was coordinated by Dorothy Murdoch, ably assisted by Maria Hanson, Fred Wiercyski, Aaron Grimmer, Craig Miller, Michael Bradly and Isaac Grimmer with support by Vanilla Leaf Bakery and George Leroux. It is thought to be the best barbecue in many, many years.
Our Master of Ceremonie Bruce McConchie, musical guests Ben McConchie and the "Local Talons" and of course Pender Young Violins and the Pender Highlanders were enthusiastically enjoyed. Colin Hamilton provided sound for the day and into the evening, and was also seen at the take-down on Sunday helping out with many other people.
Helen Allison and Ellen Willingham awarded the trophies to the winners, the Pender Otter Swim Club ran the trophies out onto the stage, and Trinette Prior and her husband Neil Wilton collected, polished, calculated points and will arrange for engraving of the trophies.
We especially acknowledge and thank the conveners of all the sections of the Fair, from Flowers, to Livestock, to Children's Art - it is a lot of work behind the scenes as well as taking care of their sections all day at the Fair - and we thank the Exhibitors, who worked all year on their entries to share their talents with the rest of Pender.
Thank you to Jodi Schamberger for her tireless work organizing the livestock area, to the Salt Spring 4-H Community Club who brought sheep to the fair. Pieter DeMooy, a world class shearer, demonstrated shearing sheep by hand, by a hand-cranked shearing machine and by modern electric shears. Michelle Masseling brought her border collies to demonstrate how they work and herd the sheep.
Arthur Kikuchi set up and ran the poultry tent, and this year we had a wee barn for a mamma hen and her babies.
Austin Davies stepped in for his wife Leah, who had a baby a bit too early, and he organized some games earlier in the day. Lindsay "Hoopster" stepped in to help with the children's area, with her bouncy castles, and Valentina with some help ran a colourful face painting area. The children's area was colourful and always active!
Recycling are special partners to the Fair, and had worked with us on a Zero Waste Initiative which had its challenges but it did raise awareness and hopefully reduced overall waste for our Fair. They also ran a successful Recycling area, with a competive section and education.
The community groups had a big tent, and spilled out into the area around the tent and dotted through the grounds, we have so many groups on the island appealing to many interests. The Fire Department brought a truck and some fun with education for kids.
The Raffle tent was run by Kari Amies Horbas, with proceeds to the Pender Island Farmers' Institute Neptune Navy Grimmer - Ashton Ross Smith Bursary. Items donated from local businesses and farms helped to raise $740 for the bursay. Thank you Kari and those with the gambling spirit.
The Farmers Market was also well attended and had some music of its own, thanks to Bill Heintz.
Then there were our sponsors: Thank you to the businesses and farms who contributed cash and in-kind donations for the raffle or the beer garden and other areas of the fair. It allowed us to keep the cost of attending the fair down so everyone on Pender could attend. Thank you to Island Savings for providing a water station next to the children's area.
Special thanks to Sharon Vasilev who fed the set up volunteers, Paul Petrie (helped by Monica Petrie) who fed the Judges, Conveners and volunteers on Friday, and to Theresa Carle-Sanders who cooked up a clean-up breakfast on Sunday of Pender blueberry pancakes and Pender homemade sausage.
Saturday was capped off by Daniel Lapp, with his friends Adam Dobres and Adrian Dolan. It was a magical concert for all. The end to a perfect day. Many, many thanks to the people who showed up to set up tents, put table clothes on exhibit tables, set out chairs, hang signs, then some of the same people and some new came back on Sunday to take it all down and carefully put it all away.
Rick McMullen of Shaw Cable for putting up our banner, BC Hydro crew who took it down today -Thanks!! Thank you to Davy Rippner who took the photos I have here - add your own to our page. We love them!
Finally, thanks to Sharon Vasilev and Jan Albertin who cleaned, swept and washed floors to make the Hall better than ever when we were done, and to Natasha Ilkiw who with Jan, sorted and organized everything in the Hall before it was tucked away.
Last put not least I would like to thank Jean Bradley, our guest of honour, who was not able to attend the Fair but was well represented by her daughter Carole Petek, who was also seen volunteering in the raffle tent during the day, following her mom's wise words about volunteering in a community if you want to truly be part of a community.

    Fair admission by donation  - Tickets to BBQ and Daniel Lapp available at Talisman