Tent and Table Rentals

The Pender Islands Farmers' Institute is pleased to offer our tables and tents to other members of the Pender Islands' community for use at their private or public event. As a non-profit organization, all proceeds go back into running events which directly benefit the Pender Islands' community through promotion of local agricultural products and producers as well as artisans, through education of our heritage and the importance of agriculture to the community, and through providing a platform for local producers to engage in the Pender Island economy. Your rental fees allow us to host the Pender Islands' Farmers' Market, the Fall Fair, Seedy Saturday, School Seed Planting Day and the Neptune Navy Grimmer - Ashton Ross-Smith Bursary. A Farmers' Institute Board Member will rent out and take back tent and table rentals from the Farmers' Institute barn behind the Pender Islands Community Hall. As we do not have a full time staff member, we appreciate your patience and flexibility with pick up and return times for tent and table rentals. A rental agreement is filled out at the same time the rental is given out. RATES:
Tent Rental 10 x 10 ft $25 per day of event
Tent Rental 10 x 20 ft $50 per day of event
Tent Rental 20 x 20 ft $60 per day of event
Table Rental 30’’ x 8 ft $5 per day of event
Table Rental 30’’ x 6 ft $5 per day of event
We ask for an additional $50 flat deposit to be returned to the customer when the tents or tables are returned. Contact penderislandmarket@gmail.com or call Richard at 250-634-3166