Farmers Market


The Pender Islands Farmers' Market runs from Easter to Thanksgiving, at the Pender Islands Recreation and Agricultural Hall, on Saturdays from 9:30am-1pm.

At the Farmers Institute table you'll find The Art of Natural Cheese Making by David Asher, who taught his cheese making classes in the community hall kitchen. The nearly 300 page book is well illustrated and includes history, recipes, and methods for creating a variety of cheeses with sources for ingredients and supplies.

Thank you for buying locally! Your support encourages the development of a larger, healthier, community-based food system. Today the average food morsel travels an astounding 2,000 km to reach your plate. This has tremendous consequences, such as reduced freshness, taste and nutrition, high energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and reduced local economic health. Buying locally produced food is a healthy choice.

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