Pender Island Fall Fair Trophy Winners

2016 Pender Island Fall Fair Trophy Winners

Jaime Scott Corbett Memorial Cup – Paul Petrie

Fred Smith Trophy – Bounty of the Penders – Raven Rock Farms

Eleanor Adamson Memorial Trophy – Carole Elliott

James Auchterlonie Trophy – Karen Watson

Ashton Ross-Smith Trophy – Paul Petrie

The MacKinnon Trophy – Paul Petrie

A. H. Menzies Cup – Karen Watson

Royal Canadian Legion Trophy – Cherie Thiessen

Otter Bay Marina Trophy – Kikuchi Family

Pender Island Realty Trophy – Kenta Kikuchi

R.C. Legion Ladies Auxiliary Shield – Clare Jungen

Vivienne Menzies Rose Bowl – Allyson Tammemagi

Pender Island Bakery Trophy – Allyson Tammemagi

Pender Post Shield – Krys Kinowski

Pender Island Pharmacy Trophy – Karen Gagnier

Fibre Guild Trophy – Leslie Munro

Pender Island Shop Craft Guild Trophy – Annie Smith

The George Gummer Trophy – Alyson Roberts, Dean Mills, Raymond Pink, John Bagshaw

Pender Island Art Group Trophy – Emily Tough

Pender Island Artisan Co-Operative Trophy – Joseph Montague and Willow Alpen

Westcoast Chandlers Trophy – Shinta Kikuchi

Gregarious Garden Trophy – Kiara Davies

Farmers’ Institute Trophy – Shinta Kikuchi

Frank York Memorial Trophy – Kikuchi Natural Garden

The Royal Canadian Legion Young People’s Trophy – Yoko Kikuchi

Pender Island Fall Fair Children’s Trophy – Kota Kikuchi

Island Savings Credit Union WOW Factor Award – Isla Goertz and Satya Underhill

Pender Island Photo Club Trophy – Hans Tammemagi and Lindy Wolfe

Pender Island Fall Fair Berry Pie Trophy – Iona Farms

Gulf Excavating Trophy – Pender Pirates Baseball

Earl Hastings Trophy – Planet Janet Hoops and Family Circus

Best Decorated Bicycle Trophy – The Bug Cyclers

Karl Hamson Recycling Trophy – John Foote

Two trophies were not awarded this year – Tekla Deverell From The Garden to the Table Trophy, and the N. N. Grimmer Trophy

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