About the Farmers’ Institute

Pender Island Farmers' Institute 2017 AGM was March 31.    Janet Thony of District A Farmers' Institutes presented on the history and objectives of Farmers' Institutes.  Financials and reports were presented.  A slate of directors was proposed to the membership and acclaimed.  
They are:  Barbara Johnstone Grimmer, President;  Richard Piskor, Vice President and Treasurer; Ben Kadel, Secretary; Directors at large - Ken Clarke (Past-President); Aaron Campbell; Sanae Kikuchi; Rod Knox; Jodi Schamberger; Matthew Vasilev
The Pender Islands Farmers' Institute has served the people of North and South Pender Island, BC for over 92 years and is the oldest community organization on Pender Island.   It is the proud sponsor of the Farmers' Market, the Fall Fair, Seedy Saturday and the Student Bursary.
The Institute has four clear objectives:
1. To improve conditions of rural life, so that settlement may be permanent and prosperous;
2. To promote the theory and practice of agriculture, by lectures, essays, the circulation of information and other educational methods, and to stimulate interest by exhibitions, prizes, and other means;
3. To arrange on behalf of its members for the purchase, distribution or sale of commodities, supplies, or products, and generally to act on their behalf in all matters incidental to agricultural pursuits;
4. To promote social intercourse, mutual helpfulness, and the diffusion of knowledge, and to make new settlers welcome.
We regularly post to our Facebook page so connect with us there (check out the Fall Fair and Farmers' Market Facebook pages also)  

Meetings are open to everyone: Annual Membership - $5.00

If you would like to join us or renew your membership, PIFI-Membership-Renewal-Form.

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