Saturday Farmers’ Market


The Pender Islands Farmers’ Market runs from Easter to Thanksgiving, at the Pender Islands Recreation and Agricultural Hall, on Saturdays from 9:30am-1pm.

Thank you for buying locally! Your support encourages the development of a larger, healthier, community-based food system. Today the average food morsel travels an astounding 2,000 km to reach your plate. This has tremendous consequences, such as reduced freshness, taste and nutrition, high energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and reduced local economic health. Buying locally produced food is a healthy choice.

At the Farmers Institute table you’ll find The Art of Natural Cheese Making by David Asher, who taught his cheese making classes in the community hall kitchen. The nearly 300 page book is well illustrated and includes history, recipes, and methods for creating a variety of cheeses with sources for ingredients and supplies.

 If you are interested in having a stand at the farmers’ market, contact the market coordinator at


May Long Weekend Farmers’ Market

Poster May21 facebookEvery Saturday morning, Pender Islands’ best producers, craftspeople, and artists set up their booths at the Pender Island Community Hall in anticipation of a beautiful day at the Farmers’ Market

Locals and visitors can find a variety of wares including fresh produce, homemade baked goods, artisnal breads, smoked cheese, chutneys, jams, pies, and locally raised meats and eggs. Besides the variety of product for the Island hopping foodie or your weekly grocery shopping trip, many of our vendors demonstrate their skills and creativity through the unique creations they bring to the market each week.

All products are made, baked, or grown on the Pender Islands and include custom handmade leather shoes and goods, all styles of jewelry, functional and decorative wood products such as rolling pins and birdhouses, as well fabric, felted, and woven pillows, scarves, and bags. Handmade fishing lures catch the best fish!

Gorgeous art and blooming flower and vegetable plants liven up the front of the Community Hall. Sit out on the deck and enjoy a cup of coffee while buskers provide the tunes.

Fresh, local food, where customers can meet and chat with the producers is a healthy and nutritious way for food to reach the customer without travelling across the world at the detriment of the environment.

Sustainable food of a better quality that supports the people in your own backyard is what the Pender Islands’ Farmers’ Market is all about. And we have a good time doing it, too!

Join us! Saturday May 21st at the Pender Island Community Hall on Bedwell Harbour Road from 9:30 am to 1 pm


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Pender Island Farmer’s Market

Sponsored by the Pender Island Farmers’ Institute, the Pender Island Farmers’ Market sees local farmers, craftspeople and other vendors display Pender Island’s best farm-fresh produce: vegetables, fruits, flowers, goat cheese, eggs, baked goods, jams and jellies, sushi, plants, art, crafts, jewelry, music and snacks!

Open Saturdays, 9:30am to 1:00pm, Easter through Thanksgiving.

Contact the Pender Island Farmers’ Institute, Market and Fall Fair

Scholarship and Bursary applications due in May

Two opportunities for Pender Island students that are going on to higher education: The Neptune Navy Grimmer – Ashton Ross-Smith Bursary valued at $500 which is awarded by the Pender Island Farmers’ Institute for those residents who are pursuing further study in an agricultural or related field, which may include biology, business, accounting, etc.  Applications may be picked up at Gulf Island Secondary School office or a letter of application with resume, transcript and letter(s) of reference sent to Pender Island Farmers’ Institute, PO Box 38, Pender Island V0N 2M0 by May 31, 2016.  Applications may also be emailed to

In addition, there is the BC Fairs Scholarship, which is due May 16, 2016.  The amount of this scholarship is $2,000.  The application is attached here, and it requires an essay.  2016BCAAFE_Scholarships

2016 Fall Fair – “Celebrating Local Food” with Guest of honour, Ellen Willingham

The Pender Islands Fall Fair is sponsored and coordinated by the Pender Island Farmers’ Institute, volunteers and local donations. Proceeds from the Fair go towards improvements to the Fair, to the Community and Agricultural Hall and grounds, community groups, educational programs, the Neptune Navy Grimmer and Ashton Ross-Smith Bursary, Seedy Saturday, School Planting Day, and to the promotion and encouragement of agriculture on the Pender Islands.    Please contact Barbara Johnstone Grimmer at 250-629-3819 or 3817 or if you are interested in helping out at the fair.  No skills required.

Our guest of honour this year is Ellen Willingham, past-president of the Pender Island Farmers’ Institute, organic farmer, community leader and former fall-fair organizer and volunteer.

For more information on categories and entry requirements, check out the Pender Island Farmers’ Institute website   New special categories “BC Fairs Members’ Choice”: Category #1 -(all ages)  HAND PAINTED GARDEN TROWEL (max length 14″), theme of a BC Dogwood Flower.  Purchase a garden trowel and with any type of paint decorate the metal surface of the trowel with the BC Dogwood flower.
Category #2 – (children 12 years and under) MINI SCARECROW (max height 14″).  Recycle household materials to create a mini scarecrow to stake or hang in your garden.  Wire and/or string can be used to construct your project.
Category #3- (all ages) COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY OF FARMING IN BC.  Create a montage using 4 photos (each 5″ x 7″) that illustrates the diverse range of products grown in BC.  Each photo must be mounted on a 6″ x 8″ black board and connected using either string, wire or ribbon to connect the photos for display.Special category for Fall Fair